I won't lie, I have a "unhealthy" obsession with motorsports.

If it has a engine and goes fast, you can find me capturing these beautiful machines in action.
My goal is always to try show the action from interesting and unique angles.

HIGHSIDE_SUPERIOR_07_22_22-21HIGHSIDE_SUPERIOR_07_22_22-21 HIGHSIDE_WoOLMS_07_01_23 68HIGHSIDE_WoOLMS_07_01_23 68Photo by Tim Hunt  
HIGHSIDE_THS_07_15_23-87HIGHSIDE_THS_07_15_23-87Photo by Tim Hunt  

Anyone that does motorsports photography at any level
will tell you that what happens on the track is only 60% of the event.

The images behind the scenes and the people behind the wheel are just as big of a
part of telling the story of a race night than the action on the track.

HIGHSIDE_Rumble Series_04_29_23-7HIGHSIDE_Rumble Series_04_29_23-7

Living in Northern Wisconsin provides a wide range of subject matter to photograph.
Whether it's landscapes, wildlife, ships, my grandkids or just my dogs in the back yard.